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How You Can Tell If Your Antidepressant Is Not Working Near Philadelphia

June 07, 2024

Taking an antidepressant is usually a necessary part of treatment if you are dealing with a depression disorder. Antidepressants can mitigate depression symptoms and allow you to live in the manner you want. But what if you still have distressing depression symptoms despite taking the medication?

Regrettably, finding the best antidepressant can take time. Not all antidepressants work for every individual. But you shouldn’t give up on overcoming depression if your current prescription has failed you. Here’s how you can tell if your antidepressant is not working anymore near Philadelphia and some new options that might help.

Signs That Your Antidepressant Isn’t Working As Prescribed

You know it can take a little time for an antidepressant to alleviate symptoms, and you may still endure some off days. However, you may be taking your antidepressant as instructed, and your depression symptoms might be just as debilitating. Is the medicine not working, or are your expectations just unreasonable?

To help you figure out if you should consider switching out medications, review these signs that your antidepressant is not working anymore near Philadelphia.

Your Depression Hasn’t Been Impacted Enough Or At All

Your medical provider likely warned you that it could take some time before the antidepressant produces a change. You must also take your antidepressant as ordered. But if you haven’t noticed any improvement in symptoms after three months of using your prescription, it in all likelihood isn’t going to work for you.

You Endure Too Many Unwanted Side Effects

It isn’t uncommon to get side effects when using antidepressants. Some could be worth living with or go away after your medical professional alters your medicine. But if your medication side effects are interfering with your life or causing you to be miserable, your antidepressant isn’t doing its job. It’s intended to better your life, after all!

Your Medication Effects Didn’t Last

Did you feel better on your antidepressant at first, but that improvement rapidly went away? Doctors think it’s possible to experience a placebo effect when you start an antidepressant. Usually, antidepressants take effect after three or more weeks. If you felt something right after you first took your medicine, it may have been your expectation that the medicine would help.

You could also have built up a tolerance for the antidepressant. If it performed well for quite some time but unexpectedly stopped, you could need a modified or increased dose.

What You Can Do If Antidepressants Aren’t Working In Philadelphia

If you notice any of these indications that your antidepressants aren't working near Philadelphia, make an appointment with your doctor or therapist soon. They can collaborate with you to change your prescription or dosage. They might also recommend lifestyle adjustments and ongoing therapy along with medication.

What if you’ve attempted several antidepressants without any luck? Treatment-resistant depression is a legitimate problem, and you deserve help. If you’ve used at least three distinct antidepressants without a positive change in your condition, talk to your doctor about the new medicine available for treatment-resistant depression and if you may be a possible candidate.

Antidepressants Not Working Near Philadelphia? The Counseling Center Is Ready To Help

If you’re struggling to navigate your depression, The Counseling Center at Cherry Hill is here to help. We offer professional mental health treatment for adults and adolescents. Call us at 856-600-0951 or complete the contact form on this page, and we’ll schedule your appointment.