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DUI Evaluations Near Philadelphia

If you have recently been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), it is vital to understand the severity of the situation and the potential impact it can have on your future. A DUI assessment near Philadelphia -- also known as a drug or alcohol evaluation -- defines the degree of your substance use challenges and evaluates the level of risk you pose to yourself and other individuals on the road. This assessment is vital to the legal process and leads your next measures, such as detox, support, treatment programs, or classroom education, with the ultimate goal of stopping additional instances in the future .

What You Can Anticipate During Your DUI Assessment At The Counseling Center at Cherry Hill

The Counseling Center at Cherry Hill provides expert DUI assessments near Philadelphia. We see these assessments as just one step toward getting your life moving in the right direction. You can expect respectful staff in an impartial setting when you arrive.

We keep DUI assessments straightforward. A qualified, credentialed clinician will find out about your substance use and medical history so we may get a better understanding of your experiences, habits, and views concerning substance use. After considering your responses, we’ll determine the likelihood of you getting another DUI offense and if you need ongoing education or addiction therapy to prevent another incident. Our professionals are experienced in identifying the distinction between alcohol and drug disorders and an isolated mistake and will not recommend unneeded treatment.

After your assessment, we’ll author an in-depth report of our determinations to submit to your probation officer or officers of the court. We aim to provide comprehensive and impartial information for anyone who requires a DUI assessment near Philadelphia. We hope the findings we share will help you get the support you need to better your life. If you have questions or concerns, call us at 856-600-0951 for more details about how we carry out DUI evaluations.

Why Go To The Counseling Center For A DUI Evaluation?

You don’t have an option when the court tells you to submit to a DUI evaluation, but you can choose where the evaluation is performed. The Counseling Center is an approved licensed provider in New Jersey. We are easy to find near Philadelphia and you may set up your DUI evaluation in one quick call.

Our skilled clinicians are trained in administering accurate DUI assessments. They recognize how essential this evaluation is for your present legal situation and your future. They evaluate you completely and make mindful, comprehensive notes and recommendations to the court.

Our staff is also happy to answer any queries about the assessment process or the price of the service. If you have concerns about the cost, notify us, and we’ll work with you to determine a payment option that is best for you.

If your appraisal suggests you get therapy for a substance use disorder, we are ready to assist you. The Counseling Center offers specialized care for alcohol and drug use disorders and co-occurring disorders. Our mental health services offer various levels of treatment to suit differing needs. We provide understanding, evidence-based medical and psychiatric care to help you fight substance addiction and underlying mental health disorders. Regardless of whether you just see us for your DUI evaluation near Philadelphia or return for therapy, our purpose is to help you reclaim control of your life.

Schedule Your DUI Assessment At The Counseling Center at Cherry Hill

If you or a family member need a court-mandated DUI assessment near Philadelphia or more details about treatment for drug or alcohol use, The Counseling Center can help. Dial 856-600-0951 or complete the contact form below for timely assistance. We answer 24 hours a day, all year long. We are ready to help.