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Get Help With Vivitrol Maintenance In Philadelphia

We understand you need to address both the physical and mental side of substance use. In certain situations, we might integrate Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) with therapy to help you manage dependency cravings while you strive for a successful recovery. For those struggling with alcohol or opioid addiction, we may supplement your care with Vivitrol maintenance in Philadelphia.

How Will Vivitrol Help With Substance Use Recovery?

Vivitrol is a medication prescribed to treat alcohol and opioid addiction. It prevents the brain from feeling the deficiency of endorphins that are usually released by opiate or alcohol use. You're much less likely to use a substance when you no longer get that euphoric feeling. Eventually, you start to have less cravings.

When taking Vivitrol, you should receive an injection every month. Treatment is continued until you and your Vivitrol doctor in Philadelphia feel you've proceeded to a certain level in your recovery. Before starting Vivitrol, you need to have successfully gone through detox for alcohol or opioids. Vivitrol is most effective in your recovery when combined with addiction counseling like you'll find at The Counseling Center at Cherry Hill. Or, in the event you require detox or rehab services first, we will help you find the proper treatment option when you place a call to 856-600-0951.

Are You Eligible For Vivitrol?

Before you begin at The Counseling Center, we'll determine if Vivitrol treatments are right for you. To receive Vivitrol, you ought to be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Within recovery for alcohol or opioid addiction
  • No longer taking opioids or alcohol
  • No longer experiencing opioid withdrawal symptoms

Experienced Vivitrol Maintenance In Philadelphia

one on one with a counselor

The Counseling Center offers Vivitrol maintenance in Philadelphia as a facet of our Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT). We employ MAT to mitigate withdrawal symptoms and diminish alcohol and drug cravings that hinder lasting sobriety. Prior to starting any prescription, you are given a complete evaluation and we will talk with you in regards to side effects. If Vivitrol is not the best choice for you, we'll suggest a different course of action.

The Counseling Center can help with your regular shots. We'll keep a supply of your Vivitrol at our Philadelphia location and will arrange your appointments each month so that you don't forget a dose. We'll even keep tabs on your progress and if you have any side effects.

You need to be engaged in drug or alcohol therapy to the greatest impact of Vivitrol injections. As Vivitrol impacts your body’s reactions to alcohol and drugs, our therapists will help you address the mental aspects of addiction and co-existing disorders. In individual and group therapy, you'll be given treatment for contributing mental health disorders and learn powerful coping devices to promote a life without alcohol and drugs.

Find Help With Vivitrol Maintenance In Philadelphia Today

When you need assistance in staying sober, The Counseling Center and our Vivitrol doctors in Philadelphia are ready to support you. Contact 856-600-0951 or complete the following form to discuss how our treatments can help you. We reply promptly, day or night.