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Find Help For Suboxone Maintenance In Philadelphia

You may find you must curb your body’s physical dependency to an opioid as you tackle the emotional issues of addiction. The Counseling Center may offer Suboxone maintenance in Philadelphia as an element of our care. When used with therapy and effective life skills, daily doses of Suboxone can help curb cravings and let you advance to long-term sobriety.

How Does Suboxone Contribute To Recovery?

Suboxone is a daily medication utilized to manage opioid addiction. This medication blocks the parts of the brain that trigger feelings of euphoria when you use opioids. If you can't feel those sensations, your brain stops sending signals that provoke cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The use of suboxone to treat an opioid use disorder is known as Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT). This method of care usually begins in a detoxification facility around 12 to 48 hours after opioid withdrawal symptoms start. Beginning Suboxone too early can worsen symptoms, so you need to consult with a trained healthcare expert to assist you in taking the proper dosage at the most suitable time. As you progress through recovery, you'll continue taking Suboxone every day to mitigate cravings and avert relapsing.

Suboxone is considered safe for ongoing use. The length of treatment is centered around the individual, as some are only on it for days while other individuals are on Suboxone for longer periods of time. The Counseling Center offers Suboxone maintenance in Philadelphia as an element of our Medication-assisted Treatment program.

Who Could Gain From Suboxone Treatments?

Suboxone is used as a form of treatment for opioid use disorder. After an evaluation, a medical provider is able to inform you if you could gain from Suboxone treatments. This prescription may be right if you:
  • Are struggling with opioid use disorder
  • Have quit opioids and are dealing with withdrawal symptoms
  • Have a commitment to continual treatment

Personalized Suboxone Maintenance For Philadelphia

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Suboxone treatment typically starts at a residential detox center but may be continued for as long as you need it. You can acquire Suboxone at the pharmacy with a doctor's prescription and sustain it on your own. Although, you'll enjoy the most success when you couple this medication with substance use treatment.

The Counseling Center includes Suboxone maintenance in our Philadelphia MAT program. As Suboxone curtails urges, our credentialed counselors help you understand the core origins of substance use and cultivate new coping skills to deal with trauma and triggers. Whenever you start care at The Counseling Center, we'll administer a complete assessment to understand the level of your substance use and your previous medical care. This background will provide us the opportunity to craft an individualized care plan that incorporates appropriate counseling and MAT.

As you progress in your treatment, our skilled clinicians will help you make necessary modifications to ensure your Suboxone dose is effective. When needed we'll help you gradually taper off when your Suboxone doctor in Philadelphia says it's OK to do so. The blend of outpatient therapy and Suboxone maintenance permits numerous patients to progress to lasting sobriety and live happy lives.

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