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Behavioral Health Services And Outpatient Rehab In Philadelphia

We understand that outpatient rehab in Philadelphia isn’t supposed to be a one-size-fits-all model. This is the reason why our experienced team at The Counseling Center will assess and assign you to the proper program based on your stage of rehab. Our services for outpatient rehab deal with addiction and any co-occurring disorders and help you develop the skills you will need to reclaim your life.

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Get The Help You Need In Our Intensive Outpatient Program In Philadelphia

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Philadelphia is your source for mental health counselling and outpatient substance use rehab in Philadelphia. IOP is recommended if you don’t need constant inpatient treatment but still need a set schedule of therapy to maintain sobriety. It is a natural step to take if you have completed a residential rehab program and want to move forward from what you have already achieved.

On a weekly basis in IOP, you’ll start with three sessions of group therapy and one one-on-one therapy session. These are designed to supply the help you require to steer clear of alcohol or drug use while performing your everyday commitments. You will expand your understanding of substance use, take steps to improve your mental health, and then go back to your regular day-to-day activities. Management of your medication may also be a part of your IOP plan.

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Address Co-Occurring Disorders In Our Mental Health Outpatient Program

Our Mental Health Outpatient Program covers a broad scope of therapies in Philadelphia. This non-residential program includes three group therapy sessions every week and a customized timetable for individual and family therapy. Sessions are held throughout the day so you can still address your normal everyday family and work commitments.

In our mental health outpatient program, you’ll:

  • Work on effective coping strategies
  • Listen to and learn from others in group therapy
  • Mend relationships
  • Be provided care for mental illnesses
  • Work toward recovery goals
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Control Cravings With Medication-Assisted Treatment

Cravings can be a tough barrier when you’re attempting to avoid relapse. If urges are getting in the way of your recovery, the skilled professionals at The Counseling Center Philadelphia can provide assistance with Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT). In MAT, you will be given approved medications to minimize cravings and replace the impulse to use drugs or alcohol.

Combined with counseling and proper habits, MAT is able to help some patients achieve lasting recovery. Our staff administers extensive assessments prior to recommending this option and tailors MAT for every individual. This is simply one way we help you establish the basis for long-term recovery.

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Find Assistance For Teens In Our Adolescent Outpatient Program

As an outpatient facility, we are glad to serve teens age 14 and over in our Adolescent Outpatient Program. Teens confront specific challenges when fighting drug or alcohol addiction and mental health. Our skilled therapists are well versed in how deficiencies in emotional intelligence and decision-making influence young people’s addictions. Getting together privately and in groups, teens and counselors work on:

  • Developing appropriate coping strategies
  • Identifying and exploring alcohol and drug use triggers
  • Learning healthy habits

Ultimately, we hope that our Philadelphia intensive outpatient therapy allows you to strengthen your mental health, which in turn boosts the chances of a lasting substance use recovery.

Reach Out Now To Get Help With Outpatient Therapies In Philadelphia

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