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Mental Health IOP

Your mental wellness is just as vital as your physical health. At The Counseling Center, we offer treatment that considers you as a whole person. Our Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Philadelphia helps you identify fundamental mental health disorders and treat them with evidence-based means of therapy so you may live a happier, more fulfilling way of life.

Enhance Your Mental Health With Our Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program In Philadelphia

Mental illness can be incapacitating, and no one should face it by yourself. Our mental health IOP in Philadelphia is concentrated on helping you manage the mental and behavioral disorders that might stop you from doing the things you want to do. Our goal is to help you live the best life possible. By confronting these mental disorders, we are able to help you get better and be successful in other aspects of your life.

Licensed therapists conduct all of our mental health treatments. They use various evidence-based methodologies to identify mental illnesses and aid you in managing your conditions. Together, you’ll explore:

● Fundamental reasons behind and things that trigger mental illness

● Proper coping mechanisms

● Healthy life skills

● The link between mental health and harmful behaviors like substance use

Get Support For A Range Of Mental Illnesses

The compassionate staff at The Counseling Center at Cherry Hill knows about the difficulties of trying to live with a mental illness. We’re here to help you manage your condition and get your life back on track. Our therapists have a wealth of experience and expertise in caring for mental health concerns like:

● Depression and other mood disorders

● Anxiety disorders

● Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

● Bipolar disorder

● Personality disorders

● Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

● Attention-deficit (ADD) and attention-deficit hyperactive disorders (ADHD)

● Trauma

● Substance use disorders

Protect Your Health With Regular Mental Health Therapy

Treatment for mental health is most productive when done on a consistent basis. In our mental health intensive outpatient program in Philadelphia, you’ll follow an organized schedule designed to help you stay stable and work toward mental health objectives. Our mental health IOP consists of group therapy and private therapy sessions for three hours daily, three days each week. You may choose from day and evening sessions to best suit your normal routine and balance your time with other obligations.

You may also participate in family therapy at The Counseling Center at Cherry Hill. We instruct family members about proper mental health and how to support someone battling with a disorder. By getting help from an experienced family therapist, you may heal interpersonal relationships and figure out how to enhance mental health cooperatively.

Customize Your Mental Health Treatment

Therapy should never take a suitable-for-all approach. As with all of our programs, we personalize our mental health support to accommodate your specific needs and set of circumstances. All of our patients undergo a detailed assessment prior to commencing treatment. With this knowledge, we craft a custom plan of care indicating what therapy methods we believe make the most sense for you. During treatment, we consult with you often to attend to any changing requirements, gaps in treatment, or other concerns and questions you might have.

For some individuals, your treatment plan could include getting help from a psychiatrist to address mental health disorders medically. Whenever talking isn’t adequate to manage a mental illness, our specialists may prescribe safe medication to get you past your obstacles. Then we regularly track your condition and adjust your dose as necessary to keep it effective but avoid side effects.

Call 24-7 To Receive Help In Our Mental Health IOP In Philadelphia

You don’t have to struggle with a mental illness by yourself. You can get help right now by reaching out to The Counseling Center at Cherry Hill. Dial 856-600-0951 or complete the following form anytime. We will answer promptly, 24/7, every day of the year.

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